Body 3

Picking up where we left off in September, I downloaded Headspace & realized Poohbear rocks a red crop top, only ever eats his favorite food, & loves himself.

In October my friend & I started Cassey Ho’s piit28. We didn’t do it daily though. Just worked it in on days we had time.

Man, I kill it on Wednesdays! Mainly because my ww weigh day is Thursday🤣

I was feeling pretty good in October. Good enough that I confidently rocked a spandex one piece Spider Gwen costume.

In November we wrapped up the piit calendar. Frankly, it was a bit of a struggle. Not because the workouts were difficult, just I wasn’t finding them very engaging. It was more of the same circuit-y type stuff & Idk I was over it.

Also, in November ww started offering a new “purple” program. This is my JAM. It has tons more zero point foods like potatoes & whole wheat or legume pasta. That’s right, zero point PASTA! I had the largest weekly loss since starting ww 3yrs ago.

December I all but abandoned physical activity. I got involved in some other things that ate up my time & the month was chock full of activities. Even so this freeing purple plan helped keep me from gaining back everything. Yes, I still had a gain, but did you see all the wine & cheese I ate with nearly zero exercise!?

And overall for the year I have lost weight.

I also realized while there is a number in my mind that I would like to reach, it’s not really about numbers. Radical thinking considering ww really like to assign numeric value to everything. There’s no magic weight that’s going to cause me to live my best life. Being active & eating foods I love without making myself sick (binging, no purging for this girl, don’t worry) does make me feel better though.

I think Headspace did me some good (see Casual Promises 2020), however, I had trouble making time for it any other time than bedtime & I just kept falling asleep. I switched to just using their sleepcasts which were amazing. Unfortunately, it’s not in my budget to keep the subscription up right now, so I’m looking for a good spotify sleepcast with a meditation element. Hmu if you have one.

In the grand tradition of January I have hit the reset on physical activity. I used more wellness wins on a 90day trial of obé, been attending biweekly zumba, & I might sign up for this bowling class??

My plan right now is pretty simple.


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