Miscellanea January 20


During the last few months of his life, Oliver Sacks wrote a set of essays in which he movingly explored his feelings about completing a life and coming to terms with his own death. Beautiful & poignant collection of essays for the passing of the decade.

This JK Rowling quote somes up this brief collection of essays:
“Greeting Death as an old friend, they departed this life as equals.”


Based off the author’s Buzzfeed article on millennial burnout she furthers the conversation interviewing several millennials experiencing the same phenomenon playing out in various ways. I think it opens up a super interesting conversation about generational differences & I’ll definitely read her follow up novel Can’t Even.


In the grand tradition of the new year I’m getting into some Brené Brown. When trying to decide where to start I turned to Brené’s website & she suggested The Gifts of Imperfection which is about cultivating courage, compassion, & connection to embrace imperfections & recognize you are enough.

Kind of lines out with my 2020 casual promises. I have mixed feelings. I like what she has to say & I find it relevant to my life. However, the actions she takes are not plausible for everyone. Sometimes she acknowledges that, but just on the periphery & doesn’t really offer a solution. Overall I like what she’s getting at & I’ll keep reading her stuff.



Got around to watching Mindy Kaling’s series reimagining of Four Weddings & a Funeral. It’s been ages since I’ve seen the movie so I really didn’t have any expectations based on that. I did have expectations based on Mindy’s other projects. I enjoyed so much about this series, but there was a lot that just didn’t ring true…or maybe it did & I expected better from her characters??? Still very much worth a watch.

Can I reccomend anything from John Mulaney enough? Sack Lunch Bunch is no exception. This pseudo kids variety show teeters on irony & genuineness perfectly.

The Female Brain has sparked a desire to get my hands on the source material & do a deeper dive about the construct of gender. The movie’s pretty darn cute.

Well this is upsetting. Joker wasn’t nearly as violent as I anticipated given all the fuss, but it was grueling to watch. Truly gritty & Joaquin really is good at what he does. The soundtrack is oddly delightful. Couldn’t stop listening to it the next day.

Oh damn if Marriage Story doesn’t just rip your heart out, but lift you up all at the same time. Adam Driver & Scarlet Johansson are effortlessly emotionally raw.


First manicure of the new year & Hannah finally got acrylics on me. Love this green, going to have to circle back to it I think.


Started out the new year with my favorite cunt & fag. Don’t be offended, they aren’t. Also, managed to convince them to hang with other friends & a very good time was had by all.

New year, new hunt a killer case.

We have different feelings about how the case is going. I might be a little dramatic. Also, I’ll have to get a better pic of this shirt. It’s a Rose Apothecary that Jules got us all for the new season of Schitts Creek!

Starting off the new year right if you ask me!


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