It has to be done. I’m throwing in my two cents.

People that are upset about Shakira & JLo’s superbowl halftime show are drones of the patriarchy.

Lost on these pearl clutching husks was the incredibly powerful political message presented.

Latinx children were in cages! She was draped in the Puerto Rican flag while singing Born in the USA!

She made an elaborate statement about the American Dream & all anyone managed to do was groan over what I’ll call her “for your consideration slap in the Oscar’s face” dance.

Apparently these successful, powerful, intelligent women have gone & done the one thing women are not allowed to do. Have agency over their bodies & use it for their gain.

God forbid they wear costumes that would not be out of place on white bread America’s beloved Dancing with the Stars.

God forbid they writhe their curves to the music that defines Miami.

And may I remind you that you didn’t mind this ensemble when it was Gazelle shimmying in an ACTUAL CHILDREN’S MOVIE surrounded by tigers in leather studded biker shorts!

That’s cool though. While America was crying about decency Shakira & JLo’s song catalogues were netting a 900% gain.

They’ll be smiling all the way to the bank.


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