Adventure Time in DC

Briefly a note about my sporadic posts:

So part of reclaiming my time has been not feeling obligated to “manufacture” content. I do this blog for fun! If I’m not feeling like there’s been much to share or say then I don’t have to post. I can’t imagine anyone cares much that I’m not blowing up their feeds twice a week.

Now something I’ve been meaning to share, but just had not gotten it done yet is my midwinter adventure in DC.

Obviously lets start with what I wore!

I had my athleisure slogan tee uniform all queued up for the week. I think the neckerchief was a nice touch. I did get asked to remove it at airport security tho.

Shawna got us all a travel prize tshirt!

Because I’m extra I had a Warren crosstitch manicure for the week.

I had to nerd out a smidge with Hamilton.

And never stop resisting.

We dressed up for a couple dinners.

One night was essentially this curating seasonal blends look with booties instead.

My other look may become a go to. I was feeling myself. It could have been the cabernet, but I don’t think so.

We flew out during the March for Life & our flight was delayed so Beyonce turned out to be totally appropriate for my attitude. TSA appreciated it too.

What we ate!

The last time I was in DC I was chaperoning grade schoolers so this time was a real treat to eat (read drink) where & when I wanted.

Southwest was after my heart with a strong bloody mary & the saltiest pretzel I’ve ever laid eyes on!

Capital City Brew was near our hotel & besides the quick lunch bite on day1 they were good for a late night nacho.

We hit up this bar 2 nights. I can neither confirm nor deny that we had dominos delivered here. I can confirm I received an interesting compliment from the bartender upon showing my id. Apparently I am “well preserved.”

We went on a little tour of noodles. Pictured is ramen from Umaya & Hong Kong style with roasted duck from Noodles on 11th. Not pictured (this is truly a travesty) is the delicious pho & sushi from the USDA cafeteria or the Peking duck meal that I only sort of remember. There may not have been noodles there…listen I had a bottle of malbec at the hotel. I’m sorry.

I had oysters for the first time & now I want oysters all the time!

The craziest way I’ve ever seen my name spelled vs Shake Shack getting it exactly right. Coincidence we were in Pentagon City? I’m not so sure.

Hands down the best meal was at the tapas restaurant. I only managed 2pictures-too busy eating!

We picked up macarons on the way home.

After seeing this advertised in our hotel all week we hit up the restaurant for breakfast on departure day.

I mentioned our delayed flight, right? Well we checked our bags & went to find drinks & food in Alexandria. Amanda had pasta (more noods!), but the rest of us had wood fired pizza. Yes, Shawna’s has clams on it, surprisingly delish.

What we saw!

The National Portrait Gallery

A quick trip to the National Archives to make sure the Declaration of Independence was safe from Nick Cage.

The exterior of the African American Museum is just as cool as everything we saw inside. And the Washington Monument didn’t look to shabby at the golden hour.

The Capitol & Supreme court as the Impeachment trial begins.

Tracking down one of Shimkus’s bros because they didn’t send us everything we needed to get into the White House.

In the grand tradition of Illinois I made Ciji rub Abe’s nose for luck. It’s amazing we weren’t asked to leave the White House.

Taking in the pop culture & First Lady fashion of the American History Museum.

A quick jaunt through the Natural History Museum.

A solemn day in Arlington.

Pit stop at the Pentagon.

An even more solemn visit to The Holocaust Museum. Truly gut wrenching & infuriating.

The first time I saw this was at night which I thought was haunting enough, but it turns out in the daylight you can see that their eyes are hollow. So the Korean War Memorial was just as haunting in the sun.

Back in 2013 the blank side of the MLK Memorial was inscribed with the quote “I was a drum major for justice, peace, & righteousness,” but it had been taken out of context so they sandblasted it away.

The World War II Memorial. Guys, did you know I’m from Illinois?

The Washington Monument near & far.

Seeking Lincoln: A Series

Of course we did our best Scandal on the steps too.

Finally Selfies & Outtakes!

For bonus content check out my ig #tbt!

Can’t wait to go on more adventures with these ladies!